Is an ad reusable in different issues of the same journal?

Currently, the Is Reusable option is not active. Until it is, here are the procedures you must use.

If the ad was already sequenced in a previous issue and that issue is not past Files to Printer, use the procedures in the FAQ Can I use the same ad in two journals for the same customer without creating two ad records?

If the issue is sequenced and past Files to Printer, unassign the ad in the past issue, then reassign the add during sequencing the new issue.

To unassign an ad in a past issue and assign to a new issue
  1. Edit the (IS) Sequencing or Lineup task from the old issue. You can do this even if the task status is Closed.
  2. Expand the Issue Sequencing section.
  3. Select the ad you want to take from the old issue.
  4. Click Unassign Item(s). ARTEMIS displays a dialog box.
  5. Click Yes to unassign the item or click No to go back to the task and select another ad. ARTEMIS unassigns the ad from the selected issue and puts it in an Unassigned issue.
  6. Now that the ad is unassigned, you can select the ad from the Unassigned issue when you add items during sequencing of the new issue.

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