(AD) Ad QC

Refer to your specific WorkflowThe sequence of process through which an ad, article, issue, or front and back mater pass from creation to completion. and process documentation for account-specific information.


This task become available after the vendor processes the ad after submitting the (AD) Ad Processing task.

Full Description

This task is a production review of vendor-processed ads.

To complete Ad QC
  1. Edit the task.
  2. View the files listed in File ManagerThe list of files organized into folders named for each task in the workflow. You can upload additional files, delete or restore files, rename file, examine file properties, view, download or include the files in Files to Send. under (AD) AdAdvertising for an issue. Processing:Orig. If there are any corrections, annotate the PDF and go to Step 5.
  3. Check the Remarks.
  4. If there are no errors, click Approve. This task closes and the workflow ends.
  1. If there is a Preflight failure, refer to the PDF checklist.

NOTE:If your title-specific workflow needs ads approved by the ME or agency, these tasks are set up in ARTEMIS and come before you click Approve.

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