Additional Charges Section and Author Billing Remarks

When do you use the Additional Charges section and when do you use the Author Billing category of the Remarks section? A good rule of thumb is to use Additional Charges for customer billing and Author Billing in Remarks for author billing.

Additional Charges Section

DJS Billing uses information in Additional ChargesNew billing charges added to a record. Rush Processing, for example, is an additional charge. when they bill the customer for the issue. You cannot edit a charge once entered, but you can enter multiple Additional Charges entries. Email DJSBilling if you have questions.

To add Additional Charges
  1. Edit any ArticleAn Article may be a review, editorial, and other component that makes up an Issue. task.

We prefer that you edit the task on which the additional billing will be posted.

  1. Click the blue Additional Charges heading to expand it.
  2. Click Add. ARTEMIS opens the New Additional Charge dialog box.
  3. Select a Billing Code from the drop-down list. You can enter your information for any of the codesin the table. Codes include:
    000001 – Additional Processing (Count)000004 – Additional Processing (Pieces)

    000007 – Rush Processing (Pages)

    000002 – Additional Processing (Hours)

    000005 – Rush Processing (Count)

    000008 – Special Graphics Processing (Count)
    000003 – Additional Processing (Pages)

    000006 – Rush Processing (Hours)

    000009 – Special Graphics Processing (Pieces)
  4. Type a Quantity for the selected code.
  5. Type any Remarks.

NOTE:Be very clear here if the Quantity is per item, per hour, per pages, or per pieces.

  1. Click Save. ARTEMIS saves the entry.

The entry in the Additional Charges list includes all information on the charge.

NOTE:Once saved, you cannot delete or edit an entry. Instead, add another Additional Charges entry.

Author Billing in Remarks

The DJS Author Billing expert can view Author Billing remarks up to the article's release to the printer. If you enter any remarks on Article or Issue tasks after release to the printer, you need to notify aubilling via email and enter the information as an Author Billing remark in ARTEMIS. Email aubilling if you have any questions.

To add a Remark
  1. In a task view, click the blue Remarks heading to expand it. ARTEMIS displays any existing remarks and the Remarks commands.
  2. Click Add. ARTEMIS displays the RemarkMessages attached to a record. Remarks can be categorized for Customer, Author, Production, etc. You may request confirmation for a Remark. Information dialog box.
  3. Select Author Billing from the drop-down list.
  4. Type your message, and then click Save. ARTEMIS saves your message and places it in the Remarks list.

Unlike Additional Charges entries, you can edit Remarks. Highlight an entry and click Edit. See Remarks for more information on what you can do with them.