You add remarks to ARTEMIS tasks to give special instructions or to alert a user or vendor to a situation. TNQ, PageExpress(PGX) Automates page layouts system that produces PDF proofs from the article XML. Automatic page composition. Sometimes referred to as Typefi, which is the software that performs the composition using InDesign. (TypefiThe product behind the PageExpress automatic composition system.), and ProofExpress(PFX) Online HTML proofing and editing system used by the author, PE and customer. Users can edit and accept or reject changes in the article XML using a web browser. send Remarks to ARTEMIS. You can stop ARTEMIS displaying these remarks by clicking Confirm. Read the remarks from TNQ and act on them, if necessary. You may ignore messages from PageExpress and ProofExpress.

Remarks or Additional ChargesNew billing charges added to a record. Rush Processing, for example, is an additional charge.?

If you are working with customer billing, use Additional Charges to add billing information. If you are working with author billing, use the Author Billing category in Remarks. For more information, see Additional Charges Section and Author Billing Remarks.

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To add a Remark
  1. In a task view, click the blue Remarks heading to expand it. ARTEMIS displays any existing Remarks and the Remarks commands.
  2. Click Add. ARTEMIS displays the RemarkMessages attached to a record. Remarks can be categorized for Customer, Author, Production, etc. You may request confirmation for a Remark. Information dialog box.
  3. Select a Remark Category from the drop-down list. Categories are:
  4. Type your message, and then click Save. ARTEMIS saves your message and places it in the Remarks list.
To edit a remark
  1. Open the Remarks section.
  2. Select the remark and click Edit. if Edit is unavailable, the remark has been confirmed and cannot be edited. ARTEMIS displays the remark in the Remarks Information dialog.
  3. Make any changes to the remark, and click Save when finished.
To confirm a remark

NOTE:If Confirm is unavailable, either the remark has been confirmed or the message does not require confirmation.

More on Confirming Remarks

Any ARTEMIS use can confirm a remark. This happens regardless of which team member the remark was addressed to.
Any remarks added with Confirmation Required checked will show as pop-ups for any user opening a task for that component.

Remarks and Reports

Remarks also appear on some reports as follows: