The Editor, Review, and Collaboration Tabs

You use these tabs to access the editing and reviewing tools or to invite collaborators into the editing process.

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The Editor Tab

If you are an author or collaborator, most of your work will be in the Editor tab. You can cut, copy, and paste from the Clipboard, change formatting, create and edit lists, add special characters and equations, and perform other editing tasks. You can also insert comments, attachments, footnotes, links, citations, references, and metadata. Each task has its own Help topic.

Click a link below for instructions.

Simple Editing Inserting and Deleting Text Formatting Text Lists
Symbols Equations Footnotes Links
Citations References Metadata Insert a Section
Add File Attachments Add Comments Figures Tables

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The Review Tab

Note: You cannot make text edits in Review modeIn this mode you can review and accept or reject any edits made to an article. and you cannot undo or redo any editing actions.

In Review mode you can look at each change and accept or reject it.

To view changes
  1. If you are not in Review mode, click the Review tab.
  2. Under Track Changes, click any change in the list.
    ArticleExpress displays a link from Track Changes to the change.
  3. Click the check mark to accept the change. Click the X to reject the change.

If you haven't collaborated with anyone, your changes are automatically accepted. If you do have collaborators, you can accept or reject each change individually.

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The Collaboration Tab

You use the Collaboration tab to invite authors to work on your article. For more information and procedures, see Collaboration.

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