You can change a table layout if you are a Production Editor. If you are an author, you can request a change with a comment.

To change a table layout (authors)
To change a table layout (Production Editor)
  1. Place the cursor where the change is to be made.
  2. Click Table Tool and choose one of the commands. You can choose from the following commands:
    Insert Row BeforeInsert Row AfterInsert Column Before
    Insert Column AfterDelete Column Delete Row
    Move Table Column LeftMove Table Column RightMove Table Row Up
    Move Table Row DownMerge Table Cell UpMerge Table Cell Right
    Merge Table DownMerge Table Cell LeftSplit Table Cell Up

    Split Table Cell Right

    Split Table Cell DownSplit Table Cell Left

ArticleExpress makes the change to the table.

Editing Table Text

You can make changes to the text in a table, inserting or deleting it as you would in regular text, and by using the simple editing functions. You can also change formatting using the Edit toolbar. Only a Production Editor can change a table layout.