System Administrator's Checklist

Installation and Setup

  1. If you have not already done so, follow the instructions to Install the Software on one computer.
  2. Start the LHC and log in using the default Administrator account. Both the User Name and Password are "admin."
  1. Select System > Security > Users. Change the default Administrator's password. Make a note of the new password. If you forget or lose it, you will have to contact Agilent to login to the software.
  2. Create a user account with your Full Name. Assign the Administrators Group.
  3. Select System > Security > Settings. Review and, if necessary, revise the Security Settings . (Click the Help button on each dialog for assistance.)
  4. Create a user account for each person who will use the LHC. Assign a generic password and advise users to change their password when they login.
  5. Determine the optimal location for the LHC database, and, if applicable:
  1. Install LHC Secure on each user's computer, and, if applicable:

Upgrading to a new LHC version?

You must perform some related tasks when upgrading your version of LHC Secure: See When Upgrading LHC Secure.

Additional considerations