Nth Plate to perform special process

The Nth Plate feature is only available when using the BioStack. And, the Nth Plate step must be put inside a Use BioStack step container.

To precisely time the events in a BioStack run, also consider the Delay option, Timer Activated Delay.

About the Nth Plate

Read About the Nth Plate step, if you haven't already done so. See Also: Advanced Plate Sequencing with the BioStack for more details and to see examples.

How to define the Nth Plate Steps
  1. Highlight the "Use BioStack end tag" or the step that the Nth Plate block will precede and click the Nth Plate button.

The LHC adds start and end steps, with the end step highlighted.

  1. Define the start plate and how often to repeat the special procedure.
  2. Use the checkboxes to tell the LHC to:
  1. Click an action button and define the parameters for the "Nth Plate" steps to be performed. Make sure the steps are within the Nth Plate start and end tags.
  2. Click Validate to make sure the protocol syntax is correct.

Add a Delay step to the protocol/Nth Plate steps to allow time during processing to put a special plate, like a priming plate, on the instrument or to do another manual task.