ARTEMIS Reports and the interface are still in development. We're trying to make the organization better and easier to understand. And, as we get your feedback, we're making interface changes.
Please use the Contact Support link in ARTEMIS to send us your suggestions and reports of any problems.

To get to the Reports screen, click Reports in the upper left corner of the ARTEMIS page.

Report types

We've organized reports into the following groups. Click a group to go to those reports. Click an individual report name to go directly to that report's procedure.

Reporting GroupOne or more users responsible for a task. Similar to the concept of a shared email inbox or email distribution group. Report Name
Generic Reports

Closing Memo — Generates the closing memo for an issue.

Work In Progress — Displays the work in progress for the selection.

Scientific Societies Reports

Ready to Compile

Work In Progress — Displays the work in progress for the selection.

Work In Progress Lite — Displays a:"lighter" version of the work in progress for the selection.


Billing for Tooling — Generates a report on accounts for whom we only provide pre-copy editing tasks.

Invoice Cycle Report

Invoice Cycle Report 60 Days

Issue Billing — Generates a report showing everything in the issue, used generate an invoice.

Unassigned Billing Report

Billing Management

MS & Tooled Pages Report

Releases Report


Alterations — Displays a count of alterations per issue for the selected time frame.

Turn Around Time — Shows how long it has taken to complete certain tasks based on task milestones.

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