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New FAQs:

There are no new FAQs since the last Help update. However, the AdAdvertising for an issue. FAQ Is an ad reusable in different issues of the same journal? now includes steps on how to unassign an ad from an issue.

MCDS Processing and the ELD Processing Task

Do you have MCDS delivery with your work? This topic explains how ARTEMIS deals with MCDS delivery and TNQ.

Additional Charges vs Remarks

We've included a topic that digs deeper as to when to use Additional ChargesNew billing charges added to a record. Rush Processing, for example, is an additional charge. and when to use the Author Billing category in Remarks.

Task Descriptions

These are being added daily, so please keep checking. If you need more information, please contact me or let Susan Clark know. We'll get you what you need!


Just a reminder that the Help has a full-text, Google-style search built in. This means that you can use the same methods you'd use with Google. Search now searches everything, not just the terms we've selected.

Quickly access your favorite topics

If you find yourself coming back to a topic over and over, save it as a favorite or bookmark it in your Browser.


The way Reports are organized is going to change. If you need help on a specific Report but can't remember which Heading it is under, search on the Report name and the Help should take you right to it.

Your feedback is important!

I'm interested in your questions, suggestions, problem reports, and any issues you have with the Online Help. Send Steve an email with your suggestions.

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