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XeLaTeX Errors

SI # Sample Error Error Description Reason Resolution


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! Missing number, treated as zero.

For table during conversion of tex to pdf there is requirement of Width value and cell units
This error occurs only there is presence of cell units alone

In tex it would be {\extracolsep{\fill}}P{mm}

Check the manuscript to see whether placeholders/float anchors are present


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! Undefined control sequence. <argument>  \body

Not an predefined command in TeX

\body is expected to be present in a separate paragraph.This error will appear when this expectation is not met.i.e.,\body is run-on with another paragraph



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! Unable to load picture or PDF file '/tnq/castoff_test/files/coc4fed78f5c3bae/ html/figures/fig2.png'.

Unable to place figure in the pdf

Particular figure file not found in the path



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! Emergency stop.

Conversion error (html to TeX)




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! LaTeX Error: Lonely \item--perhaps a missing list environment.

Inputs not in expected format

i.e., ack if after reference, also figure captions is placed after ack