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Adding Ads (AD)

You can add ads in three places:

  1. Unassigned issue record (ads can be used in any issue).
  2. Particular issue record (ads can only be used in this issue).
  3. Title record (ads can be used in any issue).

Ads can be reusable or for one-time use.

Currently, the Is Reusable option is not operational. Until it is, see FAQ entry Is an ad reusable in different issues of the same journal?

Other things to remember

Multipage ads (color & b/w): Treat as one ad and indicate which pages are Color and which are BW in the Additional Information section of the Ad Details screen

Revised ads:Send to TNQ as a revised ad of the original. When sequencing issue and including corrections, click Add Corrections and use Issue Stage Correction task. Add alteration counts to Additional Info section and report the change in Remarks to Production.

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