Assign and Unassign Users to Groups

  • User –An individual that logs into ARTEMIS or has tasks assigned to them (TNQ).
  • Group – Customer/journal Production teams (including backups), those users supervising the teams, or users that need to have access to the ARTEMIS records of that Production team.
  • Role – Your role allows you and restricts you to view/edit records.  The role also allows you to see or take action on various administrative commands.

Hint: Your role has Administrative privileges if you see the Utilities menu To make the changes listed below you must have admin privileges.

To assign (add) or unassign (remove) users to groups, take the following first steps:

  1. Click Administer > Users.
  2. Expand the Show Lines to 25.
  3. Click on Full Name to sort from A-Z.
  4. Using the page controls at the bottom of the screen, page through until you find the desired user for Group changes.
  5. Highlight the user.
  6. Click View. The User Details screen opens. ARTEMIS displays the user’s group assignments in the Groups section.

Assign (add) a Group to a User:

  1. Click Assign. The Select Group window opens which displays the available ARTEMIS Groups.
  2. Highlight the Group you wish to add the user to. You cannot assign a user to more than one at a time.
  3. Click Select.
    This User has now become a member of this Group. The Select Group windows closes.
  4. Click Close at the bottom of the User Details screen.

Unassign (remove) a Group from a User:

  1. Under Groups in the User Details screen, highlight the Group you wish to remove.
  2. Click Unassign. ARTEMIS displays a confirmation message box.
  3. Click OK to unassign the group. Click Cancel to keep the group assignment.
  4. Click Close at the bottom of the User Details screen

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