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ClosedCan I use any browser with ARTEMIS?

No. You must use Google Chrome. If you don't have Google Chrome installed, please go to the Google Chrome page for information and installation help.

ClosedWhat TrackIt code do I use for training?

Job Number is 0.

LCC Code is 40090.

In the Notes section, please put " ARTEMIS training.

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ClosedWhere do I send questions?

If you have a question that the training or documentation doesn't answer, please send an email with your question to Susan Clark . Be sure to include as much detail on what you're trying to do as possible.

ClosedWhere do I go for an ARTEMIS refresher?

First, look at your training handouts. They include some procedural information. If you still need assistance, search the Online Help for the procedure. If you still need assistance, contact Susan Clark .

Do I need to be on "The Farm" to use ARTEMIS?

No, you can bypass the Farm entirely. Because ARTEMIS runs from the Amazon cloud, you can connect to it and use it over any internet connection.

ClosedHow do I reset my training password?

Because we disabled the email link on the training site (UAT), you will need to contact Susan Clark for a password reset.

My password worked yesterday. What do I do?

Contact Susan Clark for a password reset oruse the Forgot your password link in ARTEMIS.

When do I use a Work Order as opposed to email?


I uploaded the wrong file. How do I delete it?


Where do I show that Data Supplements have arrived for an article in production?


If I unassign and then reassign a task to the same Assigned User, is there a problem?


Should I enter correction counts in Corrections Review or Proof Revisions?


How do I enter Additional Charges?











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