How to use this FAQ

This FAQ contains answers to common questions as well as tips for using ARTEMIS. It doesn't replace the Help documentation. Most of what you'll find here is also in the ARTEMIS HELP. The ARTEMIS online Help should be available starting in mid- to late-March 2015.

To use it, scan the ARTEMIS FAQ Table of Contents or use the Search function.

The Help interface

If you haven't used this type of WebHelp system before, don't worry — if you can use a web browser, you can use Help.

Interface Item What it does
These buttons appear above the topic text. From left to right, Print, remove any Search highlights, and go to the previous or next topic.
Full-text search. Type a term and click the magnifying glass icon. Help displays a list of matching topics. Click a topic link to view that topic.

Image thumbnails take up less space on screen. Mouse over the thumbnail to see the full-sized image. Try it now.

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